Yes, Sunshine is my real name.

I'm a photographer (peep the obligatory pictures with my camera). I was born and raised in East Tennessee, just a few miles from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I've always loved taking photos of everything and I still do.

I'm lucky to live in such a beautiful area with some great backdrops!

Getting professional photos done doesn't have to be hard and time-consuming. That's why I've structured the way I do my sessions a certain way!

  • My sessions are fun and relaxed, there's no pressure to go all out and dress up (but you can if you want to!)
  • I provide all of my clients with a Custom Style Guide that takes out all the guesswork in coordinating outfits.
  • My sessions are all-inclusive, The price you pay includes everything!

Getting professional photos done can be easy, fun, and stress-free!

Why my sessions are different:

I'm a bit weird but in a good way. I want you to laugh and have genuine expressions during my session. This isn't a yearbook photo where I'm going to strictly pose you where you can't move.

I use prompts like "walk silly away from me" and "Tickle each other" to get my shots. The more relaxed during my session you are, the better. I know it can be intimidating and feel awkward being in front of a big camera, but I like to have fun and if anyone looks awkward, it's me turning, bending, and squatting to get your perfect shot. 

My editing style is true to color, vibrant, and a little airy.
That's how I came up with my business name:
Natural (how I edit) Sunshine (that's me!) Photography (what I do)

My perfect client would be one who is willing to have fun, be silly, and laugh.

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