When you book with me:

  • You don't have to wait weeks for your photos, most of my galleries are delivered within a week of your session.
  • My prices and packages are posted on my website, so you know you are getting the same fair price as everyone.
  • You get my personalized style guide; you will have my recommendations on colors, clothing pieces, and how to dress.
  • I am an exclusive Golden Hour shooter. That means I only shoot around sunrise or sunset - it also means you won't have a big flash going off in your face during the session. I know my locations well enough to time my shoots for the best lighting for you and your family.
  • I have predesignated locations with a variety of backdrops. That means I have the proper land use agreements and permits for all the locations I shoot at.

My packages are all-inclusive, so my session prices include:

  1. The session itself.
  2. Images from the session are uploaded to a personalized online gallery.
  3. Availability to download the images straight to any device, as many times as you want.
  4. Print release.

How I edit your session:

After your session I upload all of your photos to my computer to edit them, lets discuss how I edit;

Editing in Lightroom

I use Adobe Lightroom Classic (not Photoshop) to edit all of your photos. Lightroom is the professional standard for digital photography processing and I use it to create a photo from a raw image to an edited image.

What I do:

I do my photo magic to transform the RAW image to an edited one. I have taken many education courses on editing and have developed my personal style. You can see this style on all of the pictures on my website, on facebook, or on instagram.

What I don't do:

Retouching you using Photoshop.

This includes (but is not limited to) slimming people, swapping heads in a photo, clearing wrinkles, and perfecting your complexion.

I've created my style around natural:

I'm going to photograph YOU and YOUR FAMILY, in a mix of candid and prompted ways. Capturing genuine moments naturally can result in a fly away, or closed eyes while laughing. My ideal client would be able to let loose a little, joke around, and follow prompts. I know some of my prompts are silly, but that's how you get the photos you see!


It is important to set the right expectations for the finished images. The edited images you receive from me will be beautiful, they will look like you, and we will have fun taking them!