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My books are reserved for:

  • Small Family Sessions
  • Couples Sessions
  • Engagement Sessions
  • Senior Sessions
  • Maternity Sessions

I do not offer:

Extended family sessions (multiple family units), wedding photography, or sessions at vacation rentals. 

Please do not inquire about these services.

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Please allow 24-48 hours for a response during the weekdays (excluding holidays).

I do not respond to new inquiries on the weekend.

In the meantime, view my welcome guide that gets sent to your email!

*I regularly post updates on my availability on Facebook and Instagram during busier periods. It is recommended to secure your spot as soon as you can*


How will i receive my images?

Your photos are uploaded to a private online gallery. From there you can download all your photos to any device. This gallery is live for 3 months, so make sure you download them on a USB drive or back them up to the cloud before then!

You will receive a print release for all your images, so you can get them printed anywhere.

How long will it take to get my photos?

You will receive your gallery within three weeks of your session. I do deliver all of my galleries as soon as they are complete. So if I complete your session in just a week, I will send it out!

It can take the complete three weeks during busier periods (summer/fall). Trust me; I know you can't wait to see your photos! I hand-edit each image carefully, so the time I spend editing time is worth the result!

what time of day can we book?

My bookings are open for golden-hour sunset sessions. I only shoot a certain number of sessions a week. This allows me to have a faster gallery turn around time and a better client experience!

Golden Hour occurs twice a day during sunrise and sunset. Sunrise options have limited locations and availablilty.

What are your rates?

All of my rates are located under the "Investment" tab.
I believe in transparent pricing, why should you have to inquire with me just to figure out my pricing?

How do I book with you?

Use the contact form on the tab titled "Contact" to get in touch with me.
I use this fancy little booking system that keeps everything together for me, we will communicate via email to get all the details right. You will have my personal number once we get closer to your session date!

There is a $150 retainer required to book your session, the rest is due the day of your session.

What do we wear?

I've created a style guide that is sent to you after booking to give you some tips and advice about how to plan your outfits. This gets sent as soon as you secure your booking.

Where are you located?

I'm located in Gatlinburg TN, and I'm permitted to shoot inside the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I have predesignated locations that I shoot at.

Whats your weather policy?

When it comes to the possibility of rain or other inclement weather, my policy is that if there is a 15% chance of rain or higher during the time we will be shooting, I will reach out to you to see if you’d like to proceed as scheduled the day before the session or find my next available date to reschedule.

Here’s the important thing: since the weather changes so rapidly once it gets near the mountains, we will wait until around 6 PM the night before (if sunrise or 4 hours before our session, if sunset) our session to make a call!

Trust me, I know it’s hard not to look until the night/hours before; but, I promise, 8/10, the weather will change a million times between now and then!

The why behind this policy; My main priority is that everyone stays safe during my sessions. I shoot all my sessions outdoors, sometimes in more remote locations with no cell service. I do not want an accident or injury happening to you. Outdoor areas (especially by the water) can become slick and unsafe. I would rather cancel/reschedule a session rather than "making a session happen" during unsatisfactory conditions.

If we cancel due to weather you will receive a 100% refund.

Do you do Sneak Peeks?

I do not offer Sneak Peeks. I love that my clients are excited for their photos but I hand edit each image and I prefer to edit the session as a whole so I can focus on providing you with the best images instead of doing a "quick" edit just for a sneak peek. My galleries are delivered within three weeks of your session during the busier periods but are typically less during normal times.

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