How to download your photos on a mobile device.

This page is to guide you through how to download your galleries after your session.

How to download your photos on a computer.

Step 1: Go to your gallery on your computer.

Step 2: Click on the Download icon. It’s the icon between the Favorite (heart) button and the Share button; it looks like a downward pointing arrow on a rectangle.

Step 3: Enter your email address and the 4 digit PIN that was sent to you. This way you can download the full gallery.

Step 4: Choose what size you’d like the images to download in. The choices are Web Size – perfect for sharing on social media! Or High Resolution – for printing even large files! Also great for sharing on Social Media. I suggest High Resolution. Once you’ve decided which size you’d like, click Download! A screen will pop up saying that your photos are being fetched and soon another download button will appear.

Step 5: Once your photos are finished downloading, they will be in your Downloads folder. For this particular folder, it is named “Photos”. If you’re downloading a family, it may be in two parts, like “Family 1” and “Family 2”. If the folder is small and only contains a few photos, the JPGs should be ready to go. Sometimes, however, if you’re downloading a larger folder with a lot more photos, the computer will automatically compress the download to a ZIP folder to save space and to make the download faster. Just "Extract All" from the zipped folder and enjoy!

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